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Sony PSP Mega Man Powered Up

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The classic original Mega Man is back in a whole new way. This PSP remake recreates the original with a creative new super-deformed style, featuring the Blue Bomber and the evil creations of Dr. Wiley all drawn in new style that makes them cute and hyper-expressive. All of the stages and enemies have also been redesigned using computer rendering for realistic motion and detail. New features include the Mega Man Challenge 100, two new bosses, and the ability to play as the boss characters. Also included in the PSP game is a new construction mode, where you can create your own Mega Man stages and trade with others (locally or online) to challenge friends to your own dastardly creations.

Capcom's longest running series returns to its origins in this enhanced remake of 1987's Mega Man on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. PSP owners are treated to a new whimsical visual style that finds the Blue Bomber and his enemies with larger heads. The side-scrolling action and 2D perspective are otherwise intact, with Mega Man able to slide, jump, and shoot projectiles out of his arm cannon. As always, the goal is to defeat a series of robotic boss characters to acquire their distinct weapons, granting players the power to advance through areas otherwise inaccessible. Yet it is also possible play through the game as any of the bosses, a first for the futuristic franchise. 

In addition to the visual changes and playable boss characters, the game features multiple soundtracks, three difficulty settings, a separate mode with 100 challenges, cut-scenes with voice-overs, two new bosses, and revamped level layouts that offer surprises for Mega Man veterans. The game also includes a level editor for players to create custom stages with a choice of objects, hazards, and enemies. Special item packs for even more design options are hidden within each colorful stage as well. As an added bonus, newly created levels can be freely shared among friends and downloaded online using the handheld's wireless Infrastructure mode.

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